Monday, November 2, 2009

Weigh In #20: Just One Thing

Starting weight: 152 pounds
Goal weight: 130 pounds
Current weight: 166.2 pounds
Pounds lost (gained) this week: .2 pounds gained
Total pounds lost (gained): (14.2)
Pounds left to lose: 36.2
Workouts: (1) Zumba class, 1 kickboxing class

Yes, I gained this week. But at some point this week my weight was higher, so I'm glad I only showed a .2 gain this morning. Surprisingly, I haven't had much Halloween candy.

So last time I blogged I was gung-ho about eating only fruits and vegetables. For a couple days, it was great and I felt great. But with all things, I fell off the wagon pretty quickly and went back to my normal crap eating and drinking soda.

Then I read a blog post on the Harvard Business Publishing site about changing just one thing. The author, Peter Bregman, lost 18 pounds by changing just one thing about his lifestyle. Of course it was a big one - he cut out all sugar. But that's all he did. He advocates changing just one thing. You are to figure out what "one thing" would give you the most bang for your buck, and do it - don't change anything else. Put ALL your focus on the one thing.

Now, cutting out sugar would be HUGE. But I tend to rebel with deprivation, so I think that's too much for me. I've decided my one thing would be my regular sodas. Each one has a couple hundred calories, and I have a couple a day, so I think that it should have an impact.

So, I'm cutting out soda. So far this morning I have been drinking orange-flavored seltzer, and it is an adequate substitute.

So that's my one thing. However, it's really two things.

At 5am this morning, I got up and went running on my treadmill.

Not far. I want to start small so I can actually turn this into a habit. I warmed up walking for 5 minutes, ran for 10, and walked to cool down for 5. So 20 minutes total, about 1.25 mi. Then some stretching afterwards. It felt good, I worked up a sweat. So now I want to make a habit of doing it every day. (And eventually run a little longer and faster).

Getting up early to run while the rest of the house sleeps ensures I get a workout in no matter how busy or crazy my day gets. That's been my issue - consistency - I have good intentions, then life happens - meetings, doctor appointments, onset of laziness, etc, which throw off my plans. Then a day goes by without a workout, and then 2 days, 3 days, etc. . . then yet another weigh in with disappointing results.

So, the plan is: Cut out soda, run 20 minutes every day. Can I do it daily until next weigh in? Tune in next week to find out!