Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Hey y'all. I actually finished 90 days of P90X at the end of March. Woo-hoo! I lost about 15 pounds and was starting to see some muscle definition! My clothes were fitting great!

But I needed a break from Tony Horton & crew. So I got a Jackie Warner video and for the month of April planned on alternating her video with her treadmill interval workout. The first week started out well.

Then I Fell Off The Wagon.

Having an open schedule was the death of me. I didn't have a calendar on the wall and the pressure to "do this workout today, or you'll get behind or be off track".

Darn. 5 lbs creeped back on.

So now I'm back with a schedule, as of this past Monday. I started a P90X/Insanity hybrid. 3 days a week, I do P90X, and 3 days a week I do Insanity (another Beachbody workout plan that is mostly cardio).

I printed out a schedule I found on the internet and made it into a calendar. My 90 days began this past Monday, May 9th and will continue until July 31. Perfect, since we have a couple trips planned in August.

I like the mix of the two programs so far. I was scared to try Insanity, but I've done better with it than I thought I would. Yes it's hard, but it's not impossible.

I want to get back to that whole weigh in thing. I'll use my starting weight from prior to my first round of P90X:

Starting weight: 177 pounds
Current weight: 165 pounds

Goal weight: 130 pounds

Lost this week: N/A
Lost total: 12 pounds
Left to lose: 35

And I want to get my hubby to take some photos of me so I can compare them to some more photos at the end. Maybe by then I'll be brave enough to share them.

And a little update on Mr:

He has LOST 40 POUNDS! He started a "Biggest Loser" type weight loss challenge at our gym, and really stuck with it. He had sessions with a trainer, got weighed in every week, and ate about a third of what he used to. Now that program's over (he came SO close to winning, which would have meant a bunch more training sessions for free, but he didn't win) he's on his own, and it's up to him to stick with it.

Summer will be here before we know it. Gotta stick with it!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A New Beginning

Wow. July 12, 2010 was my previous Day 1 of P90X. Well, that didn't last. I did it for about three or four weeks and quit right about when I started seeing the tiniest of results.

How typical of me. I liked it - I just had trouble getting up at 5 in the morning long-term at that point. Not to mention my motivation faded away.

But . . .

I started P90X again this past January.

I'm now on WEEK 10, DAY 59

Can you believe it? I've actually stuck with something.

And I'm seeing results.

Typically, my alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m., and I'm in my damp, dark, cold basement by 5a.m. I work out with Tony Horton on my TV until 6 or 6:15, and then I shower, get get the kids up and dressed and go to work.

I am also following the Body for Life eating plan, so usually during this morning routine (or if I'm really efficient, the night before), I pack my breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the day to take to work.

Back to my results. Maybe I'll get up enough guts when I'm done the 90 days to post some before and after pictures. I'll think about it, in the meantime, you'll have to trust me when I tell you it's working.

As of this morning, I've lost 8 pounds. Now, that's not a big number. But I'm OK with it. I see results more so in the mirror and in the way my clothes fit than on the scale. A pair of black dress pants I bought in November, size 14, now will completely fall down unless I belt them.

And I haven't worn a belt with anything in YEARS. It's great to actually tuck stuff in!

And I am now able to wear a pair of long black boots that I haven't been able to wear the past couple of years because I couldn't zip them up over my calves. Yay!

So yes, I'm seeing results. Building muscle does (somewhat) cancel out weight loss.

Also - I'm not perfect. We do have a cheat day once a week (we usually do Saturday or Sunday), but I've cheated more than that. It happens.

And have I done the P90X videos EVERY SINGLE DAY? No. But when I don't, I try to adequately substitute with workouts or classes at my gym. And most weeks, in ADDITION TO the P90X videos, I've gone to Zumba, Kickboxing, or Core Fusion classes at the gym.

I still like to go to the classes as I feel the P90X doesn't have a lot of cardio. (The cardio it has is not very high intensity). And I like the classes - I see friends there and it's a nice break in the work day.

I think part of the reason for my successes so far is that Mr. is on the wagon too. He is working with a trainer at the gym and following the eating plan too. He is doing the Body for Life Challenge at the gym, and he is heck-bent on winning. His weight loss is more dramatic: 25 pounds so far, which is awesome. He doesn't think he looks any different, but I think he does.

The reason he helps: I'm not the only one eating healthy while he sits there and has a bowl of ice cream, or orders cheese fries at a restaurant. We are helping each other make better choices.

Example: we went to a Philadelphia 76ers game last night. No healthy food in sight, but we were hungry and needed to eat, but didn't want to blow it. We wound up sharing a roast beef sandwich. And it was enough for both of us. Previously, we would have gotten nachos, popcorn, cheesesteaks, soda or a few beers. A big difference.

So what else are we eating?

Whatever the plan tells us to. Mr. gets the plan each week from his trainer, and we hit the grocery store. Meats, Fish, Poultry, Eggs, Bread/Pasta, Fruit and Vegetables. Yes our trips to the grocery store are expensive, about $200 per week.

But we save big time by not spending $5-15 each per day in our cafeterias at work. And we were typically spending almost that much per week on crap food.

The kids are eating it too, when I think they'll like it. Sometimes I'll make something else for them, which is a pain in the butt, but whatever.

Sometimes I want to quit it all. But something I read in a Buddhist book sticks with me (and I'm going from memory here, hopefully I'll get it right):

"It's easy to start something, and it's easy to quit. But the real challenge is to stick with what you started."

I want to lose about 30 pounds total, so I have a ways to go.

So I'm sticking with it. If I falter or fall off the wagon, all is not lost, I get back on track as soon as I can.

Tomorrow is always a new day!