Monday, July 12, 2010

P90X (Day 1) Ouch. Already!

So we got the P90X videos in the mail. With all the accompaniments: fitness guide, nutritional guide, calendars, etc.

We spent the better part of yesterday clearing out a room in the basement.

We dusted off old weights, exercise bands, yoga mats and bought a chin up bar at Dick's.

We took our TV/DVD out of the kitchen, much to our childrens' discontent, and put it in said basement room.

We put up a bulletin board in order to track our progress on the calendar, and to post before and after pictures.

As of last night: all set. We are trying to come up with a clever name for our home gym. And when the walls are painted and less dingy, I'll post a picture. Not til then.

The alarm went off at 4:45 this morning: Time for Day 1. I dutifully got up and dressed, and headed down for the Day 1 workout. (Mr. remained snoring, as I fully expected. He's a night person.)

Day 1: Chest/Back (60 minutes) and Ab Ripper X (16 minutes)

I did it. I survived. It was very hard, and I had to modify many exercises, but I finished. I was dripping sweat. Guzzling water. I felt great afterwards. Now, OUCH. I'm starting to feel it already . . . everywhere.

I then showered/dressed, fed & let out dog, woke up kids, got everyone breakfast, made lunches, got everyone's stuff together for camps, Mr. took 2 kids to camp & day care, while I took the third to yet another camp (our summer is even crazier than our school year). And then I went to work.

All before 9 a.m.

I'm still guzzling water - and the hardest part of it all isn't even getting up at 4:45, or the exercise (which totally kicked my butt!). For me, it's the eating.

While I haven't gotten through the nutritional guide for P90X yet, I've already started: No SODA. No PROCESSED stuff. No CRAP. That's the hard part for me.

So far today, just water. Some eggs for breakfast. Salad for lunch.

Hopefully I can keep this up.

So here goes with the posting of weight again. While I may post more throughout the week, I'm just going to post weight 1x week as I'm trying not to be too obsessive about it.

Here goes:

Starting weight 7/12/10: 167.8 pounds
Goal weight: 130 pounds
Lbs left to lose: 37.8 pounds

Mr. promises to do the Day 1 videos tonight. I think doing them at night will work better for him . . again he is not a morning person. I would much rather do them in the morning . . I am much more of a morning person, and as the day goes on, so do my excuses!

Up tomorrow, Day 2: Plyometrics. I watched it yesterday, and boy, am I in for it. It looks even harder than what I did today. My goal . . is to finish in one piece!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well, needless to say I fell off the wagon. Not the exercise wagon - I've kept up with that fairly consistently, and even did a 5k this month. I fell hard off the eating healthy wagon.

My weight has started the creep up again - I had gotten down to 162 pounds, now back up to 167. Still less than earlier this year, but I'm frustrated. My clothes don't fit, don't look good, and I don't feel good when I look in the mirror.

It's been a whirlwind of a spring & summer. Several trips (Florida, Michigan, South Carolina) and the perfect storm of kids' activities. I've never been busier. I can't remember when I've actually gone HOME for the night after work and not have to go to a baseball game, softball game, karate class, dance class, or some other activity.

But I'm not spouting off excuses. I've just been stuck in a rut I can't seem to get out of.

I don't WANT to eat crap and drink soda, but somehow I do anyway. I guess it's just easier.

And I'm eating too much. Sometimes I think I do so because if I'm eating, I get to sit down - which means the longer I eat, the longer I get to sit and relax. That's messed up, isn't it?

Every once in a while I cook or order something healthy. But it's not enough.

Mr. is in the same boat. At least we're stuck in it together.

So what are we going to do about it? Hmmmm.........

After much discussion we have ordered P90X and are anxiously awaiting its' arrival.

P90X is a set of workout dvd's and nutrition guides, for, as they say, extreme home fitness.

Several of our good friends have done it with phenomenal results. We are ready for some phenomenal results, and need a plan to get there.

We hope this plan is it.

Stay tuned . . . I anxiously check the mail every day and hope it comes soon!